Buying Christmas Gifts & Decorations On Vacation Tips

Just about every one enjoys bringing back a fun souvenir from their vacation and with these tips, you can make sure they make it back home with you for display for years to come!

Obviously glass ornaments tend to be the most fragile. They should be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam padding. They shouldn’t be wrapped too tightly though. If you decide to ship them to your home, make sure to pack them carefully.

If you collect Byers’ Choice Carolers, you can store them easily with our Caroler Condo Storage Box. They’re still available at select Christmas Mouse stores.


Shells make a fun gift for any fan of the beach and you can start your collection with a beautiful shell box!


If you’re looking to buy decorations, ornaments, or collectibles as gifts, you may want to start your shopping in mid-Spring to mid-Fall. This will help ensure that the more popular items are still available!

Keep in mind if you’re traveling back home by plane, you’ll have to make sure to abide by TSA’s rules and regulations. Snow Globes for example, are not allowed in carry on luggage. Please consult the TSA for more information.

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