Snowman Building Tips

Do you like building a snowman during the Christmas season? Well we’ve got some tips on how to make this year’s Frosty your best one yet! Obviously if you live in a sunny area, you’ll want to pick the shadiest spot in your yard to build your snowman. The less sun on Frosty, the longer he’ll last after all. You also don’t want your snow base to be dry, wet snow packs better. If your only option is dry snow, you can mist your snow with a spray bottle to make it wetter.

When you’re making your snowman, you should begin with a snowball, but you’ll want to change directions as you roll because this will make the snowman section more spherical. Of course if you don’t want your snowman to be perfectly round, that’s fine too. When you get your snowman assembled, you can spray it with water to help freeze the snow and slow the melting process.

As for decorating your snowman, you can make use of various things in and around your home. You could make hair or limbs out of old flowers, trees, bushes, or other plants. Carrots are good for noses if you like the traditional look. If you have old clothes, scarves, or mittens, you can make Frosty all bundled up for the Winter.

So now that you know some things to help you build a great snowman, why not get one for your Christmas tree or perhaps your mantle or bookshelf? Let it snow!

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