White Christmas Historical Probabilities

Do you dream of a white Christmas? Have you ever wonder what the chances are for you to have a white Christmas at your home? Read on for the historical probabilities of having a white Christmas throughout the U.S.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), a white Christmas is defined as having a snow depth of at least one inch December 25th. As you might expect, the northern parts of th country tend to have greater chances of seeing a white Christmas, while in the deep south, the chances are almost zero, though it does happen on occasion.

In fact, despite that map above indicates that southeastern Virginia has less than 10% chance of a white Christmas, we had a pseudo-one as recently as 2010 when the Hampton Roads region received a decent snow storm late on December 25th through the 26th. According to the Daily Press, this was the first time this happened in this area since 1948!

So if you’re a snow lover, it’s not impossible to see a white Christmas in the gray areas of the map, just much less likely. If you truly want to see a white Christmas more often, you’ll have to travel to the bright blue and white parts of the map where chances are much higher.

Do you like having snow on Christmas? If you do, you’ll love our selection of snowflake & snowman ornaments for your tree too!

Image: NOAA/Climate.gov

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