Tips On How To Avoid Breaking Your Decorations

Do you own fragile Christmas ornaments or decorations? Well then maybe these tips on how to avoid breaking your decorations will be helpful. Obviously glass ornaments and decorations are some of the most fragile, but did you know resin can also be fragile? True, it might not break if it lands on carpet, but if it falls on a hard wood floor, concrete, or other hard surface, it’s probably going to break. So what to do?

Well if you have kids or pets, we definitely recommend you place your more fragile Christmas decorations and ornaments high on your tree. We offer a variety of hooks for ornaments that will help you secure them to your Christmas tree. You can also help to minimize the chance of breakage if something falls by placing bubble wrap, or soft foam (like memory foam or the like) underneath your tree.

When it’s time to clean up and store away your holiday accents for the next season, bubble wrap can come in handy here too. If your larger decorations or ornaments come with their own foam or similar storage, that can be useful for those, provided it’s still intact. You can also use leftover wrapping paper for wrapping less fragile items for storage. If you’re a Byers’ Choice collector, you should stop by one of our retail store locations and check out the Caroler Condo Storage Box (seen below), which can be used for storing your prized collection.


When it comes to trees and non-breakable garlands, our tree storage bags are a great choice. They are reusable from year to year and can store up to a 9 foot tall tree. We carry two different kinds, one is green, made of heavy mill plastic, and requires you to carry it or drag it along the ground when moving your tree into or out of storage. The other, is red. made of heavy duty canvas, and features handles on the sides and rollers on the bottom to make moving easier.

Lights can be one of the more tricky decorations to store. You always have the option of leaving them on your tree, but sometimes that can lead to bulb breakage. If you’d rather store them separately, one tip from SpareFoot recommends using a heavy plastic reel to wind the lights around which you can get from pretty much any hardware store. If you prefer a more DIY approach, Few Moves recommends using an old paper towel roll. And if you need to test or make simple repairs for your lights, the Light Keeper Pro can be a handy tool to have on hand for the holiday season.

Hopefully with these tips to help you this Christmas, clean up and storage of your holiday decorations will become much easier this year and beyond!

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