Christmas Recipe Ideas

Who doesn’t enjoy all the delicious food that comes during the holiday season? You may recall last Fall I mentioned one of my favorite Christmas recipes, peanut butter blossom cookies! This week we’ll be looking at other additional Christmas treats, entrees, and more.

Depending on your own family traditions and where you live, your main course for Christmas dinner might be ham, turkey, duck, or perhaps another meat. We usually have ham for Christmas in my family for example. In this part of the country we have access to fresh ham practically all year long since Virginia is known for Smithfield Hams for example. Something I’ve seen before, but we don’t personally do is to add pineapple slices to the ham.

Other recipes call for a glaze made from brown sugar, honey, or other sweeteners. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the ham we have each year is just your standard baked ham. It’s good nonetheless. I personally think applesauce makes a good side dish to go with ham or other pork-based entrees. You can check out a range of ham recipes over at Allrecipes here.

So with applesauce you can of course make your own if you’re feeling industrious, but if you don’t have the time or inclination, you can always add your own pizazz to store bought applesauce. There’s all kinds of varieties as you might imagine. Generally ours is just standard applesauce with added cinnamon and sugar for flavoring. You can even dip your ham or pork into the applesauce for an interesting flavor combination. Here’s some homemade applesauce recipes if you want to try that out this year. Maybe after enjoying your applesauce you’d like to decorate your tree with a delicious apple? Then be sure to check out these apple ornaments.

I’ve already mentioned my favorite cookie recipe above, but what if you prefer pie? Pies are just as tasty and some might say they’re even better. One of my personal favorites is pecan pie, which can be considered a traditional southern dish. Obviously if you have nut allergies, this might not be the best thing for you, but there’s other pies that might work, such as pumpkin pie, which is also delicious. If you’re the creative type you can even combine the two to make a pumpkin pecan pie, which is an interesting taste of two-pies-in-one. If you want try pecan pie, there’s a variety of recipes here. And if you like pie, you’ll also like these pie ornaments, there’s pumpkin, cherry, and more!

So that’s just a small sampling of some of the delicious food you can enjoy over the holiday season. What’s your favorite Christmas entree, side dish, or dessert?

Image: Smithfield

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