How Much Garland Do I Need?

How much garland do I need? Do you ever find yourself asking that question during the holiday season? Well wonder no more because we have a simple guide to determine how many strands of garland you should use for your tree. Better yet? This works for ANY tree size.

It’s pretty simple really. We recommend you decorate your tree with one (1) strand of 9 foot long garland per foot of tree. So, for example, if you had a 6 foot tree, you would need 6 strands of 9 foot garland. But what if my tree’s height is not a whole number you might be wondering. Well, you can round up or down, your choice. So, if you have a 7.5 foot tree, you could use 7 strands of garland or 8 strands.

Obviously, if you want to use more or less garland, you’re welcome to do so. After all, part of the fun of the Christmas season is making your own traditions and memories. And if you’re looking for new garland to accentuate your theme, you can view many different selections of garlands on our website by clicking here.

But wait, what about Christmas tree lights?! How could we forget those?! Well fret not, because we have a guide for lights too! Unlike garland, lights vary a little bit more. Let’s use our 6 foot tree example from earlier. If you have a 6 foot tree, you would want to use between 250-350 lights. Of course, you can mix and match colors or even sizes or styles of lights, or you can make all of your tree lights the same color or theme. The possibilities are nearly endless! Just like the garland, we also carry a variety of Christmas tree lights on our website which you can browse through here. And if you want to know how many lights you will need for your specific tree size, then check out the table below. Happy decorating!

Tree Size 3′ 4′ 4.5′ 5′ 6′
# of Lights 50 – 100 150 – 200 150 – 250 200 – 300 250 – 350
Tree Size 6.5′ 7′ 7.5′ 8′ 9′ 10′
# of Lights 300 – 500 500 – 700 650 – 1,000 700 – 1,100 800 – 1,200 900 – 1,400

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