A Tasty Christmas Treat

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is enjoying all the tasty treats of the season. My absolute favorite has to be a cookie known as the peanut blossom. If you haven’t heard of this cookie before, basically it’s a peanut butter cookie with a partially melted Hershey’s Kiss placed on top.

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is always a winning one for me and this is no exception here. It’s just simply delicious and if you’re like me you’ll find yourself eating way more of them than you intended. The image here shows what they look like and below you’ll find a recipe. I haven’t tested this particular recipe myself, but it’s similar to ones I’ve made and that my mom makes each year. Check it out and let us know what you think and what some of your favorite Christmas treats are.

Here’s a peanut blossoms recipe from Allrecipes.com:



Featured Image Credit: Dawn of Food


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